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About Tour Megastore

You have seen our sister sites Cruise Megastore – your one stop shop for cruises throughout the world, and Hotel Megastore – the perfect place to find worldwide hotels with the most awesome deals imaginable!

Now we have consolidated all our expertise and knowledge about the travel industry and formulated a one-stop shop for travel ­ and that means you benefit! Tour Megastore is a natural progression from Cruise Megastore and Hotel Megastore, building on their successes, and on our links with worldwide tour providers so you have the best deals right at your fingertips.

Every year millions of people just like you, discover the huge range of worldwide destinations. And we know that you are all individuals, with different desires and expectations from a holiday – your perfect holiday!

So how to please everyone?

That´s where Tour Megastore comes in! Whether you are planning your honeymoon (or second or third...), a solo adventure, having a girl´s weekend away, a family vacation with the kids, nanna and auntie Sue – our consultants have the know-how to customise your travel plans and get the very best holiday deal.

Tour Megastore is affiliated with a wide range of tour suppliers, including travel specialists throughout the world, to give you the best value and experiences possible. They include (but of course, are not limited to) Trafalgar, APT, Scenic Tours, Evergreen, Albatross Tours, Helen Wong, Travelmarvel, Insight Vacations, Cosmos, Wendy Wu Tours, AAT Kings and so many more!

Discover a whole world of Tours, Fly-Tour, Fly-Cruise packages, plus group departures and independent travel are catered for too. And we have all the other little extras you need in-house! Tour Megastore will organise your Flights, the essential Travel Insurance, Car Hire, Pre and Post Accommodation and more. Tour Megastore has your perfect holiday all covered through our complete Travel Agency services and expert consultants.

Find the right tour for you or call one of our many experienced consultants on 1300 552 643 and tell them what you want... then we will find it for you at the best price possible.